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Volunteer Request for Barn Quilts of Delaware County

Barn Quilts of Delaware County is looking for volunteers. Painting volunteers are needed, barn quilts require all wood surfaces to be painted with primer. After the design has been drawn, each element of the design needs to have 3 coats of colored paints applied. We encourage barn quilt owners to help with the painting, but that is not always possible and extra help is needed. Construction of the block is done by our carpenters and the design is added by our graphic personnel. All brushes, paints and supplies are provided along with directions.

Photographers and graphic designers are needed. We hope to advertise our barn quilts and would like to have quality scenic photos taken of the farms where the quilts are hung.

We also need ideas for graphic promotion of the barn quilts. We welcome ideas for a calendar, brochures or other advertising promotions. Let your artistic creativity shine with this opportunity!

If you would be interested in helping please contact Kathy Wilgenbusch at The Quiltmaker’s Shoppe 563-927-8017.

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